karny sutra liner image "Karny Sutra"

Original Liner Notes


The CD interior features 4 rare lithographs by William Mortensen and a commisioned 16 page scrapbook by legendary collage artist Michael Criley. The cover (pic left) is a commisioned painting by The Clayton Brothers.


1. Lucrezia Borgia Waltz 2. Hombres Machos 3. Valhalla
4. Hesperian Express 5. Absinthe On A Bicycle
6. Aluminum Lady 7. King's Triad 8. Fountain Of The World 9. 144,000 10. Oh Sore Sore Song


Produced by Luther & Toby with Mark Howard at Studio KDD in Los Angeles, California.

LUTHER HAWKINS : Hammond B3 and XTP organs, Petrof Grand Piano, Hohner D6 Clavinet, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Elka Rhapsody String Ensemble, Armonica, Assorted Ammunition, Voices.

TOBY DAMMIT : Gretsch Drumset, Hammond XTP Amplified Percussion Treatments, Tympani, Glockenspiel, Treated and Amplified 808, Assorted Hand Percussions, Marimba Lumina, Chinese Gongs, Hand Cymbals, Voices.

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